Huk Aum Lam a highlight of Lao cinema

Soon to return to cinemas is one of Laos’s greatest cinematic achievements, ‘Hak Aum Lam’, a romantic comedy created by Lao New Wave Cinema in Collaboration with Hemon Studios.

The film showcases some of Laos’ biggest stars, Sack from the rock band ‘Cells’, Alee from girl band Shawty and Miss Lao 2009 Kik, who plays Sopha, one of the main female characters.

‘Hak Aum Lam’ tells the story of Sakky (Sack Cells), a disillusioned Lao pop star who with his friend and agent, decides to return home to the rural village where he was born, only to discover he is no longer as welcome as he once was.


The film takes us on a journey through all those Sakky left behind in the village to peruse his dream of becoming a famous pop singer, most poignant of all, Sopha, his childhood sweetheart who had never forgiven him for leaving. Her relationship with Sakky is a bittersweet one. Although she is angry with him for not contacting her for so long, Sakky’s relatives Khamphey (Jia Pacific) and Ai Lieng (Jeng) have comforted her throughout his time away; offering visitors a powerful portrayal of traditional Lao family life.

There is also a philosophical edge to the drama of ‘Hak Aum Lam’. Sakky’s return to the peace and tranquility of his home village reminds him what happiness really is. And so he sets his heart on rekindling his long-lost love with Sopha.

But when Aphone (Alee Shawty), a young and beautiful singer who works with Sakky at his record company comes to the village, her presence only heightens Sopha’s resentment.

Many more questions are answered during this gripping cinematic journey, including how Sakky will free himself from his record company, whether he will regain the love of his childhood sweetheart, and how he will restore peace, trust and harmony to the village. Be sure to follow this chaotic yet hilarious romantic comedy, set in




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